A Case Study

Designed and developed a website for Strainz, a new cannabis brand management company, that creates premium grade cannabis products through cutting edge extraction processes.

For this project, branding designer Dave Titus and I joined creative forces to introduce the brand to the world. The highly targeted cannabis concentrates are available in several states where Marijuana is legal to date and is building up their offering and reach.

Bold visuals and typography

The brand is innovative and bold. We wanted to communicate the character of the brand through big and bright background graphics, as well as large, modern typography.

Age verify

Due to the content of the website and legal requirements, we added a simple age verify interstitial. Before being able to access the content of the website the visitor has to verify to be 21 or older.

Building upon

This project is ongoing. What’s next? We will be adding detailed product information to the website soon, so users can learn more about the innovative product being developed and the quality Strainz stands for.

My Involvement

  • design
  • development
  • ux