A Day of REST
A Case Study

Designing a flexible and modular website and brand identity for the REST API conference.

A Day of REST is a one-day developer conference about the new WordPress REST API, hosted by Humanmade and PostStatus. The event brings together industry experts who use the API and members of the team who have built it.

The event organizers asked me to create an official brand identity and redesign the website in time for the announcement of the second Day of REST in Boston in 2017. Naturally the event website should be built using the REST API.

Surface relevant content

The homepage was designed in content blocks. This helps introduce the fairly new conference to visitors and surfaces all relevant top-level information on the homepage. Important information featured includes event date, location and description, as well as speaker and session details. This content builds as more event details are being announced.

A Day of Rest UX and UI webdesign for mobile-friendly WordPress theme with REST Api by Sonja Leix
Revealing the API requests

An essential feature of the website that we wanted to keep, was the REST API request bar at the bottom of each page. It opens up and reveals the API requests made to render the page. This is an interesting feature educating anyone interested in taking a look under the hood of the REST API.

The Outcome

Launched the event website in April of 2016 with the ability to feature different content on the homepage as it becomes available and relevant to attendees and people interested in the event.

The UI and branding was also used and translated for the week-long REST API bootcamp – A Week of REST.

My Involvement

  • branding
  • design
  • strategy
  • ux
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